Winn Free Flight C-10

Winn Free Flight C-10
Item# 2174-102
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Product Description

The C-10 is a typical "pull the trigger" mechanism. The Free Flights glove design makes your 65 lb. draw weight feel like 50 lbs. Designed to distribute pull weight over the entire hand and grip. Wrist straps not only pull from just the wrist but do not stay consistently in position. Proven in the field for twenty five years to be the perfect hunting release. Always in position - Not dangling down around your wrist. Mechanism is held close in tight for maximum control - Maximizing your draw length for greater speed and energy. Long gun style trigger is easy to feel even with a cold weather glove on your hand. Adjustable trigger pull and travel. Apparition® Camo gloves are made of 8 oz. leather covered with reinforced Cordura. Quality tough materials that keep the glove from stretching season after season. Trigger and rockers are file hardened steel - Stainless Steel case. small through X-large sizes. Right and left hand. Custom fit to your hand size - Not a one size fits all release.

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