Trophy ridge Meat Seeker 100gr 3 Blade

Trophy ridge Meat Seeker 100gr 3 Blade
Item# PT710

Product Description

Streamlined flight diameter flies like a field tip. The instant the target is reached, the Piston Hammer deploys the blades without levers or cams – which can fail or rob energy. The Meat Seekers are two critter-slaying, blood-paving machines.

•Massive tissue damage and blood loss

•Rotating chisel tip finds path of least resistance around bone for maximum penetration

•Blades are deployed without levers or cams that can fail or cause loss of energy

•Stays closed in your quiver

•Tip, shaft, insert and blades are forged from heat-treated, solid stainless steel

•Non-barbed design – blades release forward for easy removal from target

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