Grim Reaper Razorcut Whitetail Special Stainless Steel

Grim Reaper Razorcut Whitetail Special Stainless Steel
Item# grimss

Product Description

The #1 penetrating mechanical broadhead available on the market today. The impressive list of features includes; teflon coated broadhead components, swept back blade angle slices instead of chops, solid steel tip for bone crushing strength and sharpness, tip blade pre-cuts hide to open up wound channel and reduce friction, blades independently ride on shock absorbing spring, smoothest and fastest opening blades on the market and no deflection on steep angle shots. This last point regarding deflection is a problem that occurs when a mechanical broadhead is constructed with the blades too far forward. More information: What can occur when a shot is taken at a sharp quartering away angle when the broadhead is not designed for it. The operating principle of the mechanical broadhead dictates that the tip of the broadhead makes contact first with the hide and anchors itself while blade deployment occurs. If the forward tips of the blades contact first the broadhead can leverage the entire arrow away from the point of impact and cause a well aimed shot to go astray and possibly into non-vital tissue. This is the reason why Grim Reaper builds every broadhead with blades that are set well back (5/8") on the ferrule when in flight, thus eliminating the possibility of blade contact prior to point contact. Consider very carefully when buying mechanical broadheads, many have not been well designed and can lead to wounding loss.

The Whitetail Special was designed for extremely quick takedowns and prolific bloodtrails on deer sized game only, and is not intended for use on large heavy skinned game such as moose and elk. Sold in a 3 pack and includes a practice point which is identical in weight and profile to the actual hunting point

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