Enjoy your hunt with your favorite Under Armour brand. Introducing the NEW Under Armour arrow. Reduced-diameter high-strength 6MM Axis Under Amour arrows offer maximum penetration for bowhunting. 7075 aerospace aluminum adds kinetic energy and provides a high level of precision for superior broadhead accuracy. The aluminum jacket makes pulling shafts from targets easier than carbon-surfaced arrows. Lower friction and aluminum/carbon composition combine for pass-through impacts and easier to follow blood trails on the world’s toughest big game. Reduced 6MM (H) diameter high-strength carbon fibers Provides superior kinetic energy, deeper penetration, and more durability Factory straight, weight & spine matched Includes 6MM (H) ST RPS 8-32 insert and pre-installed 6MM (H) nocks Straightness ±.003

Easton Axis Under Armour 6mm (1Dozen)
Easton Axis Under Armour 6mm (1Dozen)
Item# EastonAxisUA6mm1DZ
Shaft Size:  Nock Color:  Fletching Type:  Cock Vane Color:  Hen Vane Color:  Vane Placement:  Arrow Length:  Glue Inserts?:  Wraps:  Field Points:  Lighted Nock:  Quantity Of Lighted Nock:  This item is currently out of stock!

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