Duravanes Fusion Vanes 2" 36 pk

Duravanes Fusion Vanes 2" 36 pk
Item# U1388

Product Description

As the name states, the new Fusion vane by Norway Industries is a radical blend of shape and material technology, which yields maximum aerodynamic steering capability and unprecedented broadhead flight. By combining technologies old and new, we have created the most responsive vane archers have ever experienced with precise focus on today’s critical demands of first-class: Adhesion, Broadhead flight, Consistency and Durability. The Fusion™ Vane sports a 2 inch long, high profile, design based upon the increasingly popular foot print of today’s short vane designs but, all similarities end there. With a profile similar to a traditional shield cut, the modified silhouette increases the surface area of the most critical point to the vanes anatomy. This unique design minimizes cross wind interference while maximizing broadhead flight and arrow stabilization. FUSED BASE AND BLADE Two distinctly different proprietary polymers are used to separately create the clear base and colored blade of the vane. They are then “fused” together during the manufacturing process. By employing a soft suction fit base and a durable and responsive, tapered blade, we have created a completely unique flexible, forgiving, and easy to fletch vane that has all the positive characteristics modern archers look for unrivaled flight and accuracy. No cleaning or preparation is needed for Fusion™ Vanes. NO PRIMER ON THE VANE Because our blend of materials requires no primer or any other material on the base of the vane for adhesion, DURAVANES have an unlimited shelf life.

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