Carter Evolution

Carter Evolution
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Product Description

Carter Enterprises introduces it's latest revolutionary idea! The Carter Evolution Release is a fully adjustable triggerless back tension release that works by pulling through an amount of poundage greater than you're holding at full draw. Simply attach the Evolution to your loop, hold in on the safety and draw to your anchor. Let off the saftey and continue to pull past your holding weight and experience the cleanest surprise release you've ever felt. The Carter Evolution Release requires no rotation and is fully adjustable to your individual bows holding weight. Our revolutionary new safety system completely eliminates the chance of misfires while drawing. The short distance between the finger grooves and the jaw will not take away any precious draw length. Supplies are limited on this release and orders will be filled in the order taken so place your order now! Carter Releases Evolution Release. Note: Knurled Thumb Knob is not included.

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