Carter chocolate addiction

Carter  chocolate addiction
Item# 6768-92

Product Description

for 2004 and This high trigger release is loaded with great features. For instance, the new Adjusto Trigger Plus rotates 360 degrees, so the perfect thumb position setting is just a quick spin away. The Chocolate Addiction is also the most adjustable Carter ever! At the base of the trigger lever are three holes The first one adjusts trigger travel while the other two are speing-loaded to affect trigger tension. The tension and travel setting options are endless. That's not all folks. The cocking lever on the back closes the hasp with one motion. Place hook on string or D-Loop, push cocking lever, hasp closes on in two-finger, three-finger and four-finger So, if you are seeking the most comfortable, accurate and adjustable trigger release in the world--get "Addicted." (NOTE: The Chocolate Addiction is not actually made of chocolate and is not edible even though it does look good enough to eat.) Carter Chocolate Addiction Release. Knurled Thumb knob is not included.

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