Beman ICS Hunter Classic (One Dozen)

Beman ICS Hunter Classic (One Dozen)
Item# Beman-ICS-Hunter-Classic-one-dozen
Shaft Size:  Fletching Type:  Cock Vane Color:  Hen Vane Color:  Vane Placement:  Arrow Length:  Glue Inserts?:  Wraps:  Field Points:  Lighted Nock:  Quantity Of Lighted Nock:  This item is currently out of stock!

Product Description

All ICS Hunter Classic arrows feature everything bowhunters need—a quiet draw and the right combination of speed and durability. They say archery is a sport of trade-offs, but with our ICS Hunters you have it all. High-strength C2 carbon composite. ICS Elite straightness:+/-.001". ICS Hunter straightness:+/-.003". Weight tolerance:+/-2.0 grains. Direct-fit Super Nock-installed. CB Inserts-included

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