Axcel Armortech HD High Speed 5 Pin

Axcel Armortech HD High Speed 5 Pin
Item# axcelHDHS
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Product Description

Individual Micro-Pin Adjustment

- Individually adjust sight pins using supplied 1/6" hex wrench, turn micro-adjustment knob to move individual sight pin up or down.

- True Center Vision: T.C.V. is provided due to the "Hour-glass" or "Venturi" shape inside the scope which supplies a circular sight picture reference even when viewed slightly off-center.

- Armor Fiber Technology Provides 100% protection to fibers that are fully enclosed inside tubing. No exposed fibers!

- Elevation and Windage Knob for Sight Gang Adjustment has 20 Clicks per Revolution Adjustability (.00156 Per Click)

- Adjustable 2nd and 3rd Axis

- Mathews Harmonic Dampener

- Sight is Interchangeable from RH to LH by moving Level to top of Pin Guard and flipping sight around for LH use.

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